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July 3, 2012 at 5:10pm
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I had no idea that John Carpenter was any kind of musician, or that he composed the soundtrack to Escape From New York, or that it was so good. (thx nicho)

Agreed. This is friggin’ amazing. He also did the Halloween theme.


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  2. irondavy said: I love love love EFNY, and it has great UI (as your other post references):…
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    Guy does the soundtrack for most of his movies, along with solo album projects. There’s actually an 8-bit tribute album...
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    Agreed. This is friggin’ amazing. He also did the Halloween theme.
  8. eh1eh said: So you are buddies with Carpenter and never new that? Incredible after all those years you’ve been freinds with him and didn’t know he did any music writing. Poor you. Guess he hates you to hide something like that Or maybe you’re just easily amazed.
  9. roblr said: Awesome! Love this film, thanks for sharing!
  10. gbattle said: classic!
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