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June 8, 2013 at 3:25pm

Mad Men Scenes, With Girly Drinks

Roger and Don prepare for a meeting with Jaguar. Don tells Roger the artwork isn’t ready, and asks him to postpone the meeting. Roger shoves a Malibu Bay Breeze in Don’s hands and tells him to “drink this and grow a pair.”

Pete, Harry and Ken head to a swinger’s club after work to “unwind.” A waitress in a mini-skirt flirts with Harry, but is shooed away when Pete wiggles back from the bar with another pitcher of strawberry margs he “accidentally” ordered. Harry giggles and calls Pete “the worst.”

Don and Megan are enjoying an award banquet when they learn that Martin Luther King has been assassinated. A visibly shaken Don puts a cigarette into his mouth and orders a sangria with extra fruit.

A financially ruined Lane Pryce ties a noose around his neck. Working up the courage to end his life, he turns on a blender and pours himself a mudslide.

Don grabs Sylvia’s wrist from across their dinner table, lays out his domineering plan for their sexual relationship, and pours himself another glass of boxed Zinfandel.


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